I (name) ___ do hereby accept membership in the Lions Club of ___ knowing that the membership obligates me to par ticipate in all functions of the Club, to the best of my ability. I will abide by the Lions Code of Ethics, attend meetings regularly, accept such assignments as are given to me and contribute my share to the programmes of my Club, District and Lions International.


I (your name) having sponsored (new member's name) __ as a member of Lions Club of _ do hereby pledge myself to see that he is properly indoctrinated in the activities and functions of the Club and Lionism. I fur ther pledge myself to the best of my ability to see to it that he attends all Club functions & that he becomes a Good Lion.


Recognising the debt we owe to the vision and leadership of the Founder of Lionism, at the International as well as Club level, I hereby reaffirm my dedication to the high principles of our Organisation as reflected in our Code of Ethics and Lions Objects and pledge myself to meet with renewed vigour the challenge to service wherever the need may be found.



I pledge allegiance to my country and to all cause of peace, throughout the world. I believe in the principles of Lionism as contained in the Code of Ethics, I am proud to be Lion, dedicated to the service of others.


We, the Lions of District ____ Lions Clubs International assembled here in at ____ hereby solemnly declare that we shall take part in the proceedings of the Conference like true Lions, keeping with the Purposes and Principles of Code of Ethics and that we shall participate in the discussion and act and declare on various matters that come up before this conference sincerely and faithfully giving respect to the various view points of our Fellow Lions. We further solemnly declare that we shall keep up and maintain the fair name of the International Association of Lions Clubs and that of our District ______ .


I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the Nation. I further affirm that I shall never resor t to violence and that I will continue to endeavour towards settlement of all differences and disputes relating to Religion, Language, Region or other Political or Economic grievances by peaceful and constitutional means.


I Pledge my hands, extended and open to help those in need. I Pledge my heart, reach for it and it will be touched. I Pledge my ears, to hear another's outcry, my eyes, to see the plight of others, my knowledge, to bring a man closer to his dreams. I Pledge myself to the betterment of my community, my State and my Country.

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