Key Dates

1 SUNDAY 29-May-22 Preliminary PST 1st VP Schooling
2 FRIDAY 05-Jun-22 Preliminary District Cabinet Meeting 2022-2023
3 SUNDAY 12-Jun-22 Bon Voyage to DG Elect
4 24-Jun-22 to 28-Jun-22 International Convention 2022
5 FRIDAY 01-Jul-22 Siddhivinayak Darshan
6 FRIDAY 08-Jul-22 Welcome home & Cabinet Installation
7 SUNDAY 03-Jul-22 Focus area project Mela
8 SUNDAY 17-Jul-22 PST 1st VP Schooling
9 WEDNESDAY 20-Jul-22 1st District Cabinet Meeting
10 SUNDAY 14-Aug-22 District Organised Common Clubs Installation
11 SATURDAY 20-Aug-22 Lion Lady Auxillary
12 SUNDAY 21-Aug-22 GLT 1st Session
13 FRIDAY 02-Sept-22 Preparatory Meeting with P/S/T/1st VP
14 SUNDAY 11-Sept-22 Spiritual Event
15 WEDNESDAY 14-Sept-22 Hindi Diwas Celebration
16 FRIDAY 23-Sept-22 Confirmation Meeting with P/S/T/1st VP
17 2-Oct-22 to 14-Oct-22 Arpan Seva Mahotsav
18 SUNDAY 16-Oct-22 Service (Finale)
19 SUNDAY 30-Oct-22 GLT 2nd Session
20 WEDNESDAY 09-Nov-22 2nd Cabinet Meeting
21 MONDAY 14-Nov-22 World Diabetes Day A1 A2 A3
22 SATURDAY 19-Nov-22 Lion Lady Auxillary
23 SATURDAY 03-Dec-22 Image Building
24 SUNDAY 04-Dec-22 Image Building
25 SUNDAY 11-Dec-22 GLT 3rd Session
26 THURSDAY 12-Jan-23 Lion Lady Auxillary
27 FRIDAY/SAT/SUN 10/11/12-Feb-23 3rd District Cabinet Meeting
28 SUNDAY 19-Feb-23 GLT 4th Session
29 SUNDAY 26-Feb-23 DG - PDG Honouring & Marathi Cultural Event
30 WEDNESDAY 08-Mar-23 Holi Celebration
31 WEDNESDAY 05-Apr-23 4th Dist Cabinet Meeting & Various Committee Meeting
32 SUNDAY 09-Apr-23 6th District Convention Dist .3231A3
33 SUNDAY 23-Apr-23 GLT Finale /DLLI
34 SUNDAY 30-Apr-23 Multiple Convention
35 4-May-23 TO 9-May-23 District Picnic 4 nights 5 days
36 SUNDAY 28-May-23 P/S/T Training ( City ) Morning
37 FRIDAY 02-Jun-23 Lion Lady Auxillary FINALE
38 SATURDAY 17-Jun-23 Awards & Bon Voyage
39 FRIDAY 30-Jun-23 Thanksgiving
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